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– Health certificate online –

If you as a company decide to order health certificates directly via our platform, you will benefit from these significant advantages, which significantly improve both efficiency and compliance in everyday work.

Ordering health certificates for your employees directly through our platform is not just a matter of convenience, but a strategic decision that saves time, costs and administrative resources while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Benefit from our efficient, flexible and scalable solution to manage your employees' health certificates.

Here's how it works

1. You choose the number and type of health certificates

We offer initial instruction as well as follow-up instruction. You complete the purchase easily and securely directly on the platform:

2. After ordering you will receive an email with a link. This link provided allows access to the instructions based on the number of your order

The link can be forwarded to the appropriate number of employees, allowing each individual employee to register individually for the instruction.

3. Enter personal data

Employees open the link they receive and enter their personal information. This information is necessary for registration and subsequent online identification.

4. Carrying out online identification

Employees use their ID card , passport or residence permit to carry out identification online using software. This ensures that the instruction is completed personally by the registered participant.

IMPORTANT: A valid ID card, passport or residence permit is required for online identification.

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5. Watch the instruction video and read the PDF

Employees must watch a 16-minute instructional video in its entirety. They also have to read through a PDF document with relevant information. Our system tracks whether the video has been viewed in its entirety before releasing the health certificate exam test.

Gesundheitszeugnis online

6. Complete the multiple choice test and receive the certificate

A multiple-choice test checks whether the essential content of the video has been understood in order to ensure knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the Infection Protection Act (§§ 42, 43 IFSG). If the test is successfully completed, employees receive a certificate by email confirming the successful completion of the infection protection instructions , the health certificate.

This certificate simply needs to be printed out and signed by the test participant before it is presented to the employer to document participation and understanding of the hygiene regulations.

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Health certificate online

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a graduated discount?

We offer the opportunity to benefit from discounts from a certain order quantity . This is part of our commitment to support businesses and restaurants of all sizes and to make access to our infection control teaching as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We understand that costs play an important role, especially for larger orders for larger teams or multiple locations. Please contact us using the options on the contact page or directly by email to medical@dein-gesundheitszeugnis.de for an individual offer.

One or more employees do not speak (good) German

This is not an obstacle. To ensure comprehensive accessibility, we offer the health certificate online in 18 languages :

Albanian 🇦🇱

Arabic 🇦🇪

Bosnian 🇧🇦

Bulgarian 🇧🇬

Chinese 🇨🇳

English 🏴————————————————

French 🇫🇷

Greek 🇬🇷

Italian 🇮🇹

Japanese 🇯🇵

Korean 🇰🇷

Croatian 🇭🇷

Polish 🇵🇱

Romanian 🇷🇴

Slovak 🇸🇰

Thai 🇹🇭

Turkish 🇹🇷

Hungarian 🇭🇺

What happens if an employee fails a test

There is no reason to worry if an employee initially does not pass the multiple choice test of our online health certificate.

Our platform makes it possible to repeat the infection protection test indefinitely. This ensures that everyone has the chance to learn the material thoroughly and successfully answer the questions with the necessary understanding of infection control measures.

How does the person’s online identification take place?

Online identification is carried out through our software-based technology, which enables secure and easy verification of your identity. All you need for the process is a valid ID card , passport or residence permit . The process is straightforward:

1. You hold your identification document in front of the camera to take a clear photo of it.

2. They will then be asked to take a selfie

3. In the next step, our application compares your face with the image on your identification document and also carries out a document authenticity check and data comparison

As soon as identification is completed, you will be redirected to language selection in order to receive the instruction in the desired language.

Is there quality assurance

The instruction video must be watched in its entirety. Our system tracks in the background whether the video has been viewed in its entirety to ensure the quality of the training.

Only after the instruction video has been fully viewed will you be redirected to the exam.

Employees complete a multiple-choice test that ensures that the core content of the video has been understood.

My employee receives a written certificate

If the test is successfully completed, employees receive a certificate by email that documents the successful completion of the infection protection instructions. This health certificate is digitally signed by an authorized German doctor and is therefore recognized throughout Germany as recognized infection protection instructions in accordance with §§42,43 .

The employee must print out this certificate, sign it and present it to his employer in paper form to document participation and successful completion of the instruction.

How secure is your personal data during the registration and instruction process

The security of your data has top priority . We use advanced encryption technologies and security protocols to ensure the protection of personal information throughout the registration and instruction process.

Changes to the name or other personal information can be made after the instruction has been completed

If changes to personal information are necessary, we ask you to contact our customer service. We will make necessary adjustments to ensure the accuracy of your certificate information.

Can the health certificate be carried out online on a mobile phone?

The online health certificate is designed to be compatible across platforms. Participants can flexibly carry out the instruction on computers , tablets or smartphones as long as there is a stable internet connection.

This ensures that instruction is accessible to every employee, regardless of their preferred device.

How do I get help if I have technical problems during the instruction or test

If you have technical difficulties, we recommend that you contact us via the contact page or directly

via email (medical@dein-gesundheitszeugnis.de)

to contact.

Our team is ready to provide quick and effective solutions so that you or your staff can continue teaching without further disruption.