Become a partner doctor for digital infection protection instructions

Prerequisite: As a practicing physician in Germany, you are authorized to issue infection protection instructions in accordance with §42, §43 IfSG (health certificate)

infektionsschutz belehrungen beim arzt


As a doctor in Germany, we offer you an excellent opportunity to become part of our network and conduct fully digital infection control training courses in your own district.

  • Your infection protection instructions: fully digitalized & automated

  • Receive an attractive, passive income – without any effort on your part

  • We take care of the entire processing & communication – no active presence is required from you


Profit from ...

a unique opportunity:

Join our exclusive network and take the opportunity to offer infection control training directly in your district. This position allows you to offer it 24/7 and play a central role in public health protection in your community.

a passive income - permanent:

You benefit from a passive income stream by receiving a commission of €5.00 for each completed instruction in your district. The best part is that you don't have to do any additional activities to earn it.

full support from us as market leader:

We take care of all aspects of course management. From digitizing the content to organizing and conducting the training – we take all the work off your hands.

We also take care of all billing so that you can concentrate fully on your medical tasks.

a convenient monthly billing:

To give you a transparent overview of your earnings, you will receive a detailed statement at the end of each month. This allows you to track exactly how much you have earned from the lessons.

the demand promotion by us:

We are actively committed to increasing the demand for infection control training in your district. Through targeted marketing measures and promoting awareness of health protection, we increase the number of participants and thus also your income.

This partnership not only offers you an excellent opportunity to increase your income, but also to actively contribute to healthcare in your district .

Become part of our network now and take advantage of the benefits that come with partnering with us.