Questions & answers about infection protection instructions according to §§ 42, 43 IfSG

We have put together some important information for you below:

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What does: Area of ​​responsibility for the Ebersberg district mean?

If you order an online course from us for infection protection instructions in accordance with Sections 42, 43 IfSG and only one of the following situations applies to you at the time of ordering, the area of ​​​​responsibility of the Ebersberg district applies to you:

1. You may be planning to take a job in the Ebersberg district in the future.


2. You have a job in the Ebersberg district for which you need infection protection instructions in accordance with Sections 42 and 43 IfSG


3. You have or most recently had your habitual residence in the Ebersberg district.

Please note that the courses are valid throughout Germany, but the district of Ebersberg must meet one of the aforementioned conditions in order to order the course from us.

ID RECOGNITION: Problems with verification

  1. Please ensure that the information you enter exactly matches the information on your ID card. If the details entered do not match the information on your ID card, your identity cannot be verified.
  2. We recommend that you primarily use mobile devices. For technical reasons, recognizing or uploading ID documents via a PC or desktop computer usually works worse than using a mobile device such as a cell phone. We therefore recommend that you carry out the detection using a mobile device. The further steps and verification can then continue to be carried out on your PC or desktop computer.
  3. Personal Video Identification: You have two choices when verifying your identity. You can either use automatic ID recognition or choose personal identification by speaking to the verification provider. If automatic detection fails several times, we recommend that you try the personal identification option.

Can I order from abroad?

No! Due to legal regulations, it is unfortunately not possible to accept orders from abroad for infection protection instructions in accordance with Sections 42 and 43 IfSG.



After purchase, you will receive emails from our system with further information within a maximum of 30-60 minutes. This usually happens even faster. The exact time depends on the workload of our CLOUD systems used.

Please be sure to check your JUNK/SPAM inbox.

If you have not received an EMAIL within 60 minutes of ordering, please contact us or send us an email to .

From experience, undelivered emails in more than 90% of cases are due to the incorrect entry of an email address during the ordering process. We can easily correct this for you.

IMMEDIATE TRANSFER/KLARNA: I did not receive an email after the purchase. Why?

With "SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG/KLARNA" it can take up to 5 working days until we receive the money from your bank. We will only send the training documents to you after we have received your payment. Unfortunately, we cannot speed up the receipt of money from “SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG/KLARNA”. Please be patient or choose another payment method.

I accidentally paid twice or bought the test twice.

Please write to us. To do this, use our contact form .

What is the difference between initial and subsequent instruction?

According to German law, every person who undertakes an activity in the food, catering and exhibition sectors for the first time requires instructions and a certificate in accordance with Section 43 Paragraph 1 of the Infection Protection Act. If this instruction has never been carried out before, it must be carried out for the first time by the responsible health authority or an authorized doctor. In such a case you need INITIAL INSTRUCTIONS .

FOLLOW-UP INSTRUCTIONS are necessary every two years after the initial instruction. This can usually also be done within a company by an authorized person. If such a person is not available, you are welcome to provide follow-up instructions here via our portal.

Especially in large companies with several hundred employees, there is often no overview of which people still have a valid declaration or not. Here, too, it is possible to book follow-up instructions via our portal for better control.

Subsequent instructions are only valid if an initial instruction took place “at some point” beforehand. It is not important whether the initial instruction was given by us or another location. The only important thing is that you can provide proof of initial instruction.

How long is the infection protection instruction valid?

The certificate is valid for life, provided that work is started within 3 months of the certificate being issued and that follow-up instructions are provided by the employer at least every 2 years. If the employer cannot provide the follow-up instructions, you can do the follow-up instructions here on our portal .

What happens if I work without instructions?

If you or your employees work without instructions in environments that, for reasons of hygiene, may only be entered with infection protection instructions in accordance with Sections 42.43 IfSG, this can lead to severe penalties during an inspection by the responsible health authority. Repeated violations may result in the operating license being revoked.

For example, if contamination and subsequent illnesses (e.g. due to germs in food) occur among guests, there may be a case of bodily harm or other criminally relevant aspects.

When will I receive my certificate of infection protection instructions?

After ordering, you will receive emails with further information about your course. The prerequisite for receiving the certificate is that you complete an exam on our portal.

Once you have completed the assessment and submitted it to us, your answers will be reviewed by one of our licensed physicians.

As a rule, your certificate will be sent within a few hours,

Someone other than the person running the course paid. Is that possible?

This is no problem. After ordering, you will receive an email with a further link. Here you have the opportunity to correct the information about the person who should receive the certificate.

I haven't received my certificate. What can I do?

As soon as you have filled out your exam questions and sent them to us, we will send you your certificate within about 60 minutes if you have passed the exam.

If you have not received an email, please check the following:

1. Please check your JUNK/SPAM email inbox.
2. Check which email you provided when ordering. This does not necessarily have to correspond to the person who gave the instruction. If necessary, ask the person who originally purchased the instruction to check.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please send us a message using our contact form .

Why do I have to upload my ID card with a photo?

The infection protection instructions according to §§ 42, 43 IfSG are an official certificate that is used to provide evidence to authorities. To ensure that the certificate is actually issued to the person who carried out the test, proof of your ID card is urgently required.

The certificate was issued to an incorrect name/address.

Please write to us. To do this, use our contact form .

Problem not found?

If you have not found what you are looking for and still need help, please use our contact form.