Health certificate and online instructions: Who needs it and for what activities?

A health certificate is a fundamental requirement for people working in certain industries and professions, especially those that involve handling food, caring for children or caring for patients. The health certificate instruction, which can take place both in person and online, is aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases. In this article we will go into the details of who needs a health certificate, what activities it is required for, and how the instruction can be carried out online.

Gesundheitszeugnis online

Who needs to be taught?

The health certificate is essential for all employees who work directly or indirectly with food. This includes not only people in food production and processing, but also in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, supermarkets and other places where food is sold or served. In addition, people in childcare, healthcare and nursing also need a health certificate in order to be able to carry out their work.

Wer braucht ein Gesundheitszeugnis?

For which activities is a health certificate required?

  • Food industry: Anyone who produces, processes, markets or trades in food must have a valid health certificate. These include chefs, waiters, bakery and butcher shop salespeople, kitchen assistants and many others.
  • Gastronomy and catering: All employees in restaurants, cafés, catering companies and similar establishments require a health certificate.
  • Food retail: People who sell food in supermarkets, delicatessens or markets also need to be informed.
  • Health and social care: Employees in hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers and schools who are directly responsible for caring for people require a health certificate to minimize the risk of infection.
How long is a health certificate valid?

Examples of industries and professions

  • Kitchen staff and service staff in the catering industry
  • Sales staff in bakeries, butchers and supermarkets
  • Production employees in the food industry
  • Nursing staff and carers in medical and social facilities
  • Educators and teachers who work in daycare centers and schools
Gesundheitszeugnis erhalten

Why do the health certificate online?

The digital revolution has made it possible to provide instructions for the health certificate online. This option offers numerous advantages, including flexibility in terms of time and location as well as the ability to complete the instruction at a self-paced pace. Purchasing a “health certificate online” is therefore a practical alternative for everyone who works or plans to do so in the areas mentioned. The online instruction covers all relevant subject areas and ends with an exam, after which the health certificate is issued digitally.

Health certificate - who needs it?

A health certificate is a necessary requirement for a variety of professions, particularly in the food industry, healthcare and childcare. The ability to complete the health certificate instruction online makes it easier to access and offers a flexible solution for employees and job seekers in these areas.