Do you need infection protection instructions for your employees?

Our B2B service offers you the easiest and most digital way to get a health certificate for Munich:

Welcome to the specialists for health certificates in Munich

Are you looking for a quick, uncomplicated way to get a health certificate in Munich ? You've come to the right place!

We have digitized the cumbersome trip to the health department or local doctor and simplified it as much as possible:

Whether you need an initial training or want to refresh your knowledge with a follow-up training, our certified online courses offer you an efficient and flexible solution to quickly and easily meet the requirements of the Infection Protection Act and present your certificate to your employer immediately after the online training and examination.

Here's how it works

Get your health certificate for Munich in just 5 easy steps

1. You order your health certificate for Munich

We offer initial training as well as follow-up training. Important to know: You can only complete follow-up training if you have previously completed initial training.

You complete the purchase easily and securely directly on our platform:

  • Speed ​​and flexibility

  • Clarity and simplicity

  • Trust and security

2. After ordering you will receive an email with a link

The link takes you to the registration and instructional video, as well as to the exam for the Munich health certificate.

Gesundheitszeugnis München

3. Carrying out online identification

You use your identity card , driving license, passport or residence permit to carry out the identification online using software. This ensures that you personally complete the training and that the certificate is correctly issued to you.

Identification is fully automated and digital . There is no waiting time and it can be carried out with any device.

4. Watch the instructional video

Our system tracks whether the video has been watched in full before the health certificate exam test is released.

Gesundheitszeugnis für München

5. Complete the multiple-choice test and receive the certificate

A multiple-choice test checks whether the essential content of the video has been understood in order to ensure knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the Infection Protection Act (§§ 42, 43 IFSG).

If you successfully complete the test, you will receive your certificate by email, which confirms the successful completion of the infection protection instruction , the health certificate for Munich.

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The fastest way to get a health certificate

Our AI-based ID recognition is designed for all national and international ID documents and performs identification in real time, completely without waiting times or cumbersome video appointments.

After the successful test, our system issues your certificate automatically and without delay . Without manual checking.

Therefore, even urgently needed and short-term instructions can be carried out by them on weekends, holidays or even at night!